Hypnosis Wisdoms

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Twelve Hypnosis Wisdoms of Hypnotherapy Ethics Hypnosis Wisdom One: “Clients” not “Patients” There are strict laws against “diagnosing, prescribing, and treating” someone without having a medical license. Do your best to stay away from the word “patients” unless you’re telling … Continued

The Human Mind

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The Mind A “mind” as we know it is non-existing, in the sense that it is intangible. “To mind” is an action that would be easier understood if spoken as “minding.” It’s quite similar to saying “walking,” but you see … Continued

What is Hypnosis?

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Hypnosis. What is Hypnosis Really? Hypnosis is many things, a concept, a state, a skill, a tool, and a lesson. When you really try to break hypnosis down, you are left with the fact that nearly all acts of communication … Continued

Understand Hypnosis

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Here is quality hypnosis information for hypnotherapists, beginning and advanced hypnotists, students who want to study hypnotherapy online and just any person with a sense of curiosity that figured out it’s about time they open their mind. It is available … Continued

Why is the Sky Blue?

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The sky is blue because of the way different light frequencies scatter and because we have evolved to see a pure color. The sky would be white if all light frequencies scattered evenly. The light from the sun is white. … Continued

Green Building

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Green building is also called eco-friendly construction or ecological construction. It is building in a way that minimises long-term environmental impacts. Green buildings are efficient in their uses of resources, particularly energy and water. They may also be less resource-intensive … Continued

Who Can You Trust?

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Civil society is built on trust. Mutual trust makes many every day activities easier. Imagine what it would be like doing these things if you didn’t trust anybody: buying something over the internet, driving through a busy intersection, walking down the street by … Continued

How to Live Green

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Living green is not just an altruistic thing to make you feel good about yourself. Often, it is a way to live a better life. You can save money, simplify your lifestyle and improve your physical health by doing things … Continued

Personal Empowerment

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Personal empowerment (or power) refers to the ability to control your own destiny. An intriguing aspect of personal empowerment is that how much we actually achieve is almost always a fraction of our potential. What is Personal Empowerment? Personal empowerment … Continued

Tasmanian Tiger Extinct

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What Happened to the Tasmanian Tiger? The fate of the Tasmanian Tiger has been the subject of intense debate and investigation since the last known Thylacine died in captivity on 7 September 1936. CFZ Zoological Director Richard Freeman has told the … Continued