Hypnosis Wisdoms

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Twelve Hypnosis Wisdoms of Hypnotherapy Ethics Hypnosis Wisdom One: “Clients” not “Patients” There are strict laws against “diagnosing, prescribing, and treating” someone without having a medical license. Do your best to stay away from the word “patients” unless you’re telling … Continued

How Music Genres Affect Your Mind

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Music is a fascinating thing. It’s older than language and we’ve created it and been drawn to it for hundreds of thousands of years. Our minds are adept at recognizing rhythms, tunes and pitches, which makes music capable of significantly … Continued

Psychotherapy: How It Can Help

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Psychotherapy can be helpful for any situation that involves human suffering, when the ordinary conditions around us are not sufficient for our enjoyment of life. We may struggle with change or lack of challenge and stimulation, we may feel isolated … Continued

The Human Mind

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The Mind A “mind” as we know it is non-existing, in the sense that it’s intangible. “To mind” is an action that would be easier understood if spoken as “minding.” It’s quite similar to saying “walking,” but you see after … Continued

What is Hypnosis?

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Hypnosis. What is Hypnosis Really? Hypnosis is many things, a concept, a state, a skill, a tool, and a lesson. When you really try to break hypnosis down, you are left with the fact that nearly all acts of communication … Continued

Understand Hypnosis

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Here is quality hypnosis information for hypnotherapists, beginning and advanced hypnotists, students who want to study hypnotherapy online and just any person with a sense of curiosity that figured out it’s about time they open their mind. It is available … Continued

Why is the Sky Blue?

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The sky is blue because of the way different light frequencies scatter and because we have evolved to see a pure color. The sky would be white if all light frequencies scattered evenly. The light from the sun is white. … Continued

Green Building

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Green building is also called eco-friendly construction or ecological construction. It is building in a way that minimises long-term environmental impacts. Green buildings are efficient in their uses of resources, particularly energy and water. They may also be less resource-intensive … Continued

Who Can You Trust?

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Civil society is built on trust. Mutual trust makes many every day activities easier. Imagine what it would be like doing these things if you didn’t trust anybody: buying something over the internet, driving through a busy intersection, walking down … Continued